Dark Shadows cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
29 novembre 1968
Barnabas returns to the Old House and tells Julia that Nicholas is dead. Julia hugs Barnabas in relief. Meanwhile, Adam, still determined to find a life force for his mate, breaks into Collinwood and knocks Vicki unconscious. Carolyn tries to stop him, but he knocks her unconscious as well. He carries Vickie out of the house and takes her to the Old House. Locking her in the basement, he straps her to the table, connecting her to the skeleton that was Eve. Barnabas and Julia try to break into the basement, but the door is locked. Adam turns on the equipment, and begins draining Vicki's life force from her. Barnabas manages to break into the basement and confronts Adam with a rifle. Adam laughs tauntingly and tells Barnabas that he can't kill him, or else he'll revert back to what he was. Barnabas hesitates, and Adam goes back to controlling the machinery. Barnabas shoots Adam in the back.

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