Kraft Music Hall cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
2 septembre 1970
Music: --Des O'Connor (Summer 1970 host) - ""It Had to Be You,"" ""The Impossible Dream,"" ""Possibilities,"" ""One of Those Songs"" and ""Anytime"" --Kaye Ballard, Des O'Connor & Dana Valery - ""It Had to Be Me,"" ""I Am My Sunshine"" and ""I'm the Cream in My Coffee"" --Dana Valery - ""I've Never Been This Close to Love Before"" --Val Doonican (British singer) - ""Love of a Gentle Woman"" --Roy Castle (singer-comedian), Val Doonican and Des O'Connor - ""What Is an Englishman?"" Comedy: --""The Now Man"" - Kaye Ballard with a musical spoof of men's fashions. --Kaye Ballard, Des O'Connor, and Dana Valery do song parodies about egomania.

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