Kraft Music Hall cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
8 octobre 1969
--Wayne Newton (host) - ""Hello, My Baby,"" ""What Kind of Fool Am I?"" ""The Lord Must Be in New York City"" & ""Blowin' in the Wind"" --Michele Lee (singer-actress) - ""Runnin' Wild"" --Terry-Thomas (British comedian) - does a monologue on doors. --Hines, Hines & Dad (dancers) - ""Sweet Georgia Brown"" --Wayne Newton and Hines, Hines & Dad - ""Walkin' on New Grass"" Comedy sketches: --A reporter (Michele Lee) interviews a wacky fashion designer (Terry-Thomas). --A couple (Michele and Terry) is happily shipwrecked. --Terry plays a director describing his all-insect nudist movie.

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