Kraft Music Hall cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
26 août 1970
Music: --Des O'Connor (Summer 1970 host) - ""Thinking of You,"" ""World of Dreams"" & ""Honey"" --Kaye Stevens - ""Eli's Coming"" --Phil Silvers, Kaye Stevens and Johnny Vyvyan - ""If I Were Not in TV"" --Phil Silvers, Kaye Stevens and Des O'Connor - ""Everybody Ought to Have a Maid"" --Des O'Connor and New Faces - ""Danny Boy"" --New Faces - ""Summertime"" Comedy: --Phil Silvers plays a derelict trying to mooch a meal --Des' parents (Phil Silvers and Kaye Stevens) catch him kissing the maid --Blackouts on driving instructors, life rafts and the guillotine.

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