Kraft Music Hall cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
28 janvier 1970
--Eddy Arnold (host) - ""Raindrops,"" ""Soul Deep,"" ""A Man's Kind of Woman"" and ""The Tennessee Waltz"" --Florence Henderson - ""People Gotta Be Free"" --Sacha Distel (singer-guitarist from France) - ""Bon Soir, dame"" --Eddy Arnold and Sacha Distel - ""Melodie d'Amour"" --Eddy Arnold, Florance Henderson and Sacha Distel - Richard Rodgers medley Comedy: --Sid Caesar and Florence Henderson appear together in two sketches: (1) A butler tries, in vain, to work quietly while his employer, Mme. Davenport, sings an aria. (2) Leo the Lion encounters a lovely lioness.

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