Road Rules cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
2 août 2004
The Roadies are in the midst of drawing names from a hat to decide who will go home. Kina's name is pulled twice, so she will be headed home. Kina feels good about the decision and keeps a strong face in front of her roommates, but when she retreats to the X-RV by herself, she has a good cry. Poor Derrick wonders who his cuddle monkey is gonna be now that Kina's off the team. Meanwhile, Jodi feels guilty because she thinks she would have been voted off if they didn't pull names from a hat. The rest of the Roadies now worry about how their team chemistry will be affected. Jodi declares she will help fix the communication problem her teammates feel exists. Patrick isn't going to cut Jodi anymore slack. ""If we don't win this next mission, it's Jodi's ass,"" he warns. The Roadies pack up the X-RV and head for Argentina and await the arrival of their new teammate. Angela, a girly-girl who has a real job back home, arrives at the RV and hopes to meet some down-to earth chicks and a guy who do

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