Road Rules cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
28 juin 2004
We start off with the roadies in Santiago, they are out on the town when they receive their next clue. It tells them that they will be walking to their next mission so get a ""Moo"" on. Kina gets all happy cause she believes it's a mission that has something to do with cows. That night Derrick and Kina take a walk. Derrick really likes Kina and wants to take it to the next level but is still hesitant. Kina really loves Derrick alot but mainly in a flirtation way. The following day Kina tells Ibis that Derrick tried to kiss her again. Ibis tells her that she is afraid of intimacy but Kina just wants to go through this trip without a relationship. They arrive at their mission where they are greeted by Carolina & Cristobal. They tell the roadies that their next mission is ""Don't have a Cow"". They are told they will be eating all parts of a cow. They will have to pair up and feed their partner. They must finish their whole plate in 5 minutes, whatever is left over after the time is

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