Step by Step cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
10 octobre 1997
JT loses his fourth job of the month and cannot even afford a date with Sam. JT convinces Sam to get her boss to hire him as an apprentice mechanic at the place where she works. JT is terrible and Sam is forced to hire him on the second day after he nearly kills the boss, twice. JT is frustrated and angry, but the only sympathy he gets is from the people who lost the pool (of how many days he would last at this job). Carol advises JT to not lose Sam because he is too proud to say, ""I'm sorry."" After JT apologizes to Sam, he gets a job that he is a good at-- as a giant weiner. Meanwhile, Frank is delighted when he receives a dilapidated boat in lieu of payment on a job. He spends every free, waking hour fixing the boat. He annoys the whole family, and even though Carol supports him in front of the kids, she is concerned. Frank explains to Carol that his dream at one time was to buy a really nice boat and go sailing on the weekend. While he loved all seven kids, the only opportunity for

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