Blue Heelers cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
12 février 1996
A siege has developed at the Mt. Thomas hospital. While the armed and desperate Nerida Davidson and Jason Bennett hold Maggie and Wayne on the inside, the rest of the Heelers lay in wait on the outside of the building. Meanwhile, bushfires ring the township making outside help a forlorn hope. The bandits' objective is to get their compatriot, Matt, out of the hospital and away, but this is not made any easier by his gradually worsening medical condition. When captured, Matt swallowed a handful of map pins in order to get to the hospital, a soft target from which he could be more easily rescued. The situation is further complicated by the presence of mother-to-be Augusta Torrini and her emotional, hot-blooded husband, Sergio. When Wayne bravely tries to overcome the bandits he ends up pistol whipped and chained to a hospital bed. Maggie, Dr. Zoe Hamilton and Nurse Tracy Mitchell play a dangerous game of bluff to try to and get Augusta to safety. Adam, meanwhile, comes up with some disco

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