SCTV Network 90 cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
6 novembre 1981
1. 5 Neat Guys Gold 2. Emergency Caterers 3. Walter Cronkite's Brain 4. Tylenex with Perini Scleroso 5. Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Slinky...Toy from Hell 6. Small Town Dick 7. SCTV Movie of the Week: Gangway for Miracles 8. Great White North: Carpets 9. The Merv Griffin Show: The 60's 10. The Pepsi Challenge with Perini Scleroso 11. Pre-Teen World: Rough Trade 12. Carl's Cuts: Head Cheese 13. Slappy 2000 Home Comedy Center 14. Steeplechase 15. Shine Liquid Detergent with Perini Scleroso 16. Sunrise Semester: Screen Acting V with Dr. Tongue and Woody Tobias, Jr. 17. Videodating

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