SCTV Network 90 cover poster sous-titres
Date de diffusion
23 octobre 1981
1. Ricardo Montalban School of Fine Acting 2. Sunrise Semester: Ventriloquism with Mr. Wilcox 3. Night School High Q 4. Perma-Lacque Hair Spray 5. Great White North: Mouse in a Bottle 6. You: I'm Taking My Own Head... 7. Video Dinners from Videotech 8. Critic's Corner with Bill Needle: Theatre Beat 9. The Fishin' Musician: The Plasmatics 10. Send $10.00 to BOX 1980 11. Theatre Beat with Bill Needle: I'm Taking My Own Head 12. You: Dr. Bernard Coddle 13. Dusty Towne at Lucifer's Arena 14. My Bloody Hand 15. Cow Malt Liquor 16. SCTV Movie of the Week: Power Play

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