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17 novembre 1968
General Zepke plans to rise to power - the only threat to him is Cardinal Souchek who stands for a free people. Zepke has had Souchek imprisoned and plans to replace him with a double who will endorse him. The IMF use an infected mosquito to make the doiuble, Nagorski, ill. Phelps and Cinnamon are called in as doctor and nurse to tend to him while Rollin impersonates a Cardinal and sees through Nagorski's impersonation. He escapes from an airtight sarcophagus and helps Barney and Willy enter the monastery through a booby-trapped tunnel before their air runs out. When Jim has Nagorski placed in an oxygen tent, the others open up the wall behind him, take out Nagorski and replace him with Souchek whom they've secretly freed. Zepke has Souchek-as-Nagorski-as-Souchek give a speech, but Souchek doesn't say what Zepke was expecting...

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