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5 novembre 1967
Taggart. an industrialist, has a rare stolen statue that America needs to maintain a friendly relationship with a foreign country. He refuses to turn it over and IM Force are sent to get it. They need a cat, Rusty, to bypass Taggert's elaborate security. Phelps fouls the computer with a doctored key card, requiring Willy to deliver a replacement containing Barney and the cat. Cinnamon is a reporter investigating a supposed curse on the statue, while Rollin pretends to be a professor from the statue's country of origin. Rollin makes a faked grab for the statue, and Taggert has to shut down the electricity to prevent him from dying. Barney uses the brief power outage to get past the sonic detectors and drill a hole into the chamber. He then inserts a miniature crosswalk so the trained cat can go across and loop the statue around its neck. Despite the distraction of a local tank of fish, Rusty succeeds and everyone makes their escape as Taggert discovers the theft.

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