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22 octobre 1967
Professor Bennett is an archaeologist who is caught up in political coup by Gomalk, the Chief of Security Police. The coup is aimed at President Rurich. Bennett was accidentally arrested and interrogated, inducing a heart attack. The team must both rescue Bennett and prevent the coup. The IMF stage an assassination, spoiling Gomalk's own intended assassination. Cinnamon, impersonating Bennett's husband, tries to frame Bennett so that President Rurich believes he is an American agent. That would screw up Gomalk's plans, so he keeps the news secret, except that Phelps tells Rurich anyway. Rurich orders an interrogation of Bennett and orders an operation. Rollin, disguised as a doctor, slips in and ""discovers"" a bomb in the room. Barney, Willy, and guest agent Dr. Siebert come in as a bomb disposal unit who pull guns and try to ""rescue"" Bennett. Rollin fakes Bennett's death and the IMF team escape with Bennett hidden in a bomb disposal gentry, and then Rollin takes Bennett's place. Rurich

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