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15 octobre 1967
Willy kidnaps Princess Amara, wife of the king's brother Fasar, who knows nothing of his brother's slave racket. They put Amara in the duplicate cell and then Rollin-as-Borca tells her she will be sold at the next auction. Jim delivers Cinnamon to Borca, and then they dress up a sedated Amara as Cinnamon, and Barney and Willy switch her for Cinnamon. Rollin, masquerading as an Interpol agent, convinces Fasar to go to a slave auction that Borca is holding. Disguised, the men watch as ""Cinnamon"" put up for auction. Fasar reveals himself and Amara's disguise is revealed. She tells her husband of the slave cells. Borca is killed and Fasar puts an end to slavery in Elkabar.

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