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17 mars 1968
Paul Shipherd, a defector from the U.S., has been put in charge of dissecting a SAC bomber fail-safe at the Vatzia Institute. The IMF must steal the fail-safe and recover Shipherd. As the pilot of the bomber, Jim plants the idea Shipherd should talk to the manufacturer in Duluth, and conveniently a wheelchair-bound Rollin and his ""wife"" Cinnamon are from the factory in Duluth. Jim is released and Rollin and Cinnamon are captured and forced to defuse the explosive device on the fail-safe. Rollin fakes a heart attack to get Shipherd away from his guards. Jim sneaks into the building after Barney fouls the disposal system, gets the fail-safe, and gives it to Barney, who has knocked out Shipherd. Rollin substitutes himself for Shipherd, and they wheel the ""dead"" Shipherd-as-Rollin out in the wheelchair in which the fail-safe is hidden. Rollin-as-Shipherd then strolls casually out with Cinnamon.

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