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3 mars 1968
Former internal security director Stefan Prohosh has been demoted to director of a museum. He has stolen an experimental metal alloy and concealed it in a modern sculpture at his museum, and plans to sell it to a foreign power to get them to back his bid for power. The IMF must recover the metal and stop Prohosh. Rollin fakes an attempt on Prohosh and his call is interecepted by Barney, who sends Jim, Barney, and Willy. Jim reveals Cinnamon as Rollin's accomplice, and Prohosh is obliged to interrogate the two of them. This is a distraction that lets Barney and Willy secretly dismantle the sculpture, remove the alloy, and replace it with explosives. Jim slips a detonator into Prohosh's pocket and then detonates the explosive himself to make it look as if the chairman was responsible. No one is harmed in the ensuing blast but the chairman finds the detonator in the unwitting Prohosh's pocket and has him arrested.

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