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28 janvier 1968
In Spain, David Webster, a friend of Jim's, is framed for murder by his girlfriend. Acting on Jim's personal behalf, the team goes into action. Rollin and Willy, disguised as priests, hide Webster in his own cell thanks to a collapsible wall. The murdered man, Corley, had apparently stolen a Greek crown worth ten million dollars. Constantine, the financier for the theft, hires Jim to get the crown back. Rollin, disguised as Wsbter, confronts the girlfriend and she flees to her accomplice, who is killed in a fall. The accomplice is actually the dead man Corley, disguised with plastic surgery. The dead man, rendered unrecognizable due to a shotgun blast to the face, was a plant. They find the crown but must clear Webster. Rollin disguises himself as Corley and fakes an escape from the police which ends in a rigged car crash. The police, having it confirmed that Corley was guilty all along, recover the crown from where the IMF planted it in the car and go back to Webster's cell to find hi

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