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14 janvier 1968
Nicholas Groat, a grandmaster chessplayer, organizes a team that plans to steal gold intended for the underground in an Eastern bloc country that was intercepted by the country's authorities. The IMF must recover the gold from the authorities and keep Groat from getting it. Groat forces the authorities to move the gold from a bank to a vault at the hotel where he (and Rollin) are playing in a tournament. The hotel puts a time lock on the vault for extra security, but Groat notices that Rollin is cheating, using a hearing aid. When he forces Rollin to demonstrate, the computer ""inadverently"" accelerates timepieces, so Groat wants to use it to get into the vault. Rollin agrees, but requires Groat use his team. Willy fakes a typhoid outbreak and Dr. Phelps administers shots to the guards which are actually sedatives. With Groat's help they get into the vault, then take the gold at gunpoint and leave him there.

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