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7 janvier 1968
Felicia Vabar, an enemy spy, has procured one of two overlays that was being sent to a meeting between NATO and a small European country. The overlays combined form a detailed map of NATO's missile defense system. Felicia has recruited Captain Cherno, head of the European country's security, to get her the second overlay. The IMF must stop her. Felicia plans to get the overlay out of a safe during an air-raid drill, but Jim beats her to it when Barney fakes an air-raid siren. Jim fires the overlay out to Rollin. Jim has been hypnotized to resist interrogation ujntil someone tries to kill him, while Rollin slips a picture of the overlay to Cinnamon who makes a fake. Rollin negotiates with Felicia, while Cinnamon (pretending to be an American embassy official) convinces Dubov, Cherno's superior, that she knows where the overlay is. As Dubov looks on, Cherno arrives there and gets the overlay from Rollin who escapes. Then Felicia arrives, buys the fake overlay from Cherno and shoots him.

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