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3 décembre 1967
Nicholai Kurzon, despite being exiled from his home country of Veyska by a military junta, leads a popular rebellion. He has been captured by the country's head of security, Colonel Stahl, and has a microfilm that contains the leaders of the revolution. The IMF must rescue Kurzon. Cinnamon gets closer to Deputy Chancellor Grigov by pretending to be an astrologer who predicts danger for the Chancellor. Thanks to Rollin's impersonation the ruse succeeds. Barney and Rollin sneak onto the plane Stahl is using to fly Kurzon back to Veyska. Rollin cracks the safe holding the microfilm and replaces it with a fake listing implicating Grigov. Meanwhile, Cinnamon has used her predictions to turn Grigov and Stahl against each other. When Stahl consults the fake list, he arrests Grigov and his assistant, leaving Kurzon unprotected. The team grabs Kurzon and replaces him with an automated dummy, then fake an accident and ""Kurzon"" is blown out the airplane. When the plane lands Jim spirits Cinnamon

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