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1 avril 1967
Vincent Deane is a jazz musician and undercover U.S. intelligence operative who has memorized the plans to a microcircuit code but was then captured and imprisoned. The IMF must get him out. Deane's interrogator, Brobin, has hooked Deane on drugs to try and break him using the withdrawl symptoms, unaware that the chip is concealed among some sugar cubes Deane had. Pretending to be Deane's wife, Cinnamon implicates Rollin as the real enemy agent. Brobin has Rollin captured and imprisoned,but Rollin manages to escape and tamper with Deane's drugs so that he goes into a coma. Briggs pretends to be a U.S. representative demanding Deane's body, so Brobin has it cremated to prevent a revealing autopsy. Barney and Willy switch out the ""dead"" Deane. Rollin then agrees to tell Brobin where the microcircuit is, knocks out the interrogator, and with the aid of two masks makes his escape.

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